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PayPal Random Number Security Key

With account hacking and identity theft threats growing week by week, it is important for users and providers to do what they can to ensure their data is safe, secure, and as hack-proof as possible.

The simple username and password combination is no longer sufficient because of the security problems created by phishing e-mails that work in combination with forged websites. Some websites get so complex now that to retain all the login information, the usernames, passwords, magic numbers, PINs, the names of pets, high school mascot, and favorite color one almost has to write all of this down otherwise we would never remember it all.

However, some websites have dumbed the process down while making logging in as secure as possible with the technology available today. What used to be available only to partners or employees of organizations that were willing to dole the money out for these advanced technologies has recently been offered to the public for little or no cost.

Some time ago PayPal started allowing their clients to add one more layer of security to their account… a randomly generated number that changes every 30 seconds.Their site (,) which allows you to signup for this feature, also goes into detail about how this works. I’ll give you an abridged version.

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