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Sharing An Outlook Calendar With Exchange

Sharing your Outlook calendar in an Exchange environment is pretty straight forward.  Basically you right click your calendar, select share Read this post

A Basic NextGEN Gallery In Ten Easy Steps

In ten easy steps, you can have a NextGEN image gallery inserted into your WordPress blog, assuming the NextGEN plugin has been installed, which if you host your blog with Olivejar and we Read this post

AVG Toolbar Missing From Outlook

If you find that the AVG toolbar you regularly use has disappeared, restoring it is quite easy.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Trust Center. Read this post

Index Page Not Displaying

When a domain account is created, a temporary holding page, index.htm is created.  The directory index priority, which is basically a set of rules that tells the server the priority inwhich Read this post

Error 7003 DHCP service failed to start because dependency service SYMTDI will not start.

As in so many cases, new workstations arrive with software preloaded that either is not wanted, or the user has no interest in buying.

There are several cases where uninstalling a pre-installed product will have adverse affects on the system.  In this case, Symantec/Norton Antivirus is the culprit.

As explained here, should you start XP Read this post

Email Client Configuration

The proper configuration of e-mail clients is as follows:

User Name:
Password: password provided at e-mail account creation Read this post

Excel 2007 Fails To Open Document

It seems that in upgrading from older versions of Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, or Power Point, a remnant is left behind that creates a rather unique and irritating experience when trying to open spreadsheets, word docs, and apparently Read this post

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